About us

Who we are

Budget Painter was originally started by 3 established English painters on the coast, all of which have been living here for many years and one more than 26 yrs. We each excel in different areas & types of painting/decorating and combined we make the ideal team.

Based in Fuengiriola, we can cover anywhere along the Costa del Sol but concentrate on areas between Malaga to Marbella & inland to around Coin.

As jobs fluctuate in size and budget, it was noticed that clients needed the flexibility to be able to hire just one painter up to a full team including trusted outsourced painters, so the hire at a low flat rate per day was set up to accommodate this. Clients can choose to keep to their budget by paying a standard 80€ per day rate to one of our qualified painters or adding more painters to speed up the job if required.

This system we use has now become popular along the costa and yet as far as we know, we are the only painters able to offer it. While others are booked, delayed or on holiday etc. we are designed to fit in to our client's needs for timing and budget.

We get great satisfaction from our ability to easily save our clients money when a single painter pops along for a day and spruces up a house for just 80€ to the other extreme of our full staff and others we hire all teaming up to reduce time on large jobs. With us, you are the boss if you want to be and can decide when, where and how many.